One-on-One Training

This is the gold standard of personal training. Completely individualized to your needs, we will start off with a lifestyle and full body assessment to determine your goals, timeframe and subsequent plan to get you on the path to success. After determining your best program going forward, you and your trainer will work together each week to get you closer to your goals with each session. 


Let’s face it - quick fixes don’t work. To see and feel results, we need time, consistency and yes, a little hard work. We will keep you on track with 3 training sessions per week lasting 1 hour. Each session will be comprised of a warm-up, strength and flexibility component. We will maintain this consistency for 12-24+ weeks, depending on goals, in order to achieve optimal results.

With undivided attention and monitored consistency, this is your best option to get to your goals effectively and efficiently.

Costs vary depending on program length and location of training - please refer to 'Rates' section below


silver package

Reaching goals requires commitment. With our Silver Package, we ask for 1-2 Personal Training sessions in addition to 2 solo workouts per week lasting 12-24+ weeks. Each session will last 1 to 1.5 hours and will be comprised of a warm-up, strength and flexibility component. 

Costs vary depending on program length and location of training - please refer to 'Rates' section below

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starter package

New to the gym and unsure about making a long term commitment to training yet? Our starter package offers 6 one hour sessions to get you familiar and comfortable in the gym. We will cover the fundamental movements while identifying your personal strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

This package puts you in the drivers seat. We will give you the knowledge and tools but you're responsible for your results. Ready for the challenge?

Meadow Park Members - 420 for 6 hours of instruction

Non-members (includes drop-in fees) - 480 for 6 hours of instruction


Additional Training Options



Buddying up for training sessions can offer certain advantages such as increasing your accountability and motivation while helping share the financial investment. A friend, sibling or significant other can provide a little healthy competition to keep you progressing forward through the program. You will both learn the fundamental skills while simultaneously identifying your unique and individual areas of strength and weakness.



Continuing rehabilitation 

Recovering from an injury? Knowing what exercises you should and more importantly shouldn't be doing can be confusing and overwhelming. At Peak Training, we will work in collaboration with your Physiotherapist to ensure an effective and efficient recovery. 

Finished with your physio sessions but still unable to get back on the mountain? This can be a great opportunity to get in the gym to learn proper movement mechanics while addressing any residual imbalances from your injury. Taking an active role in your recovery will not only help you recover faster but will benefit you in the long run by providing you with a well balanced body.

We will address issues such as potential strength imbalances and movement restrictions while educating you on techniques to help you prevent further injuries in the future. 


Babes & barbells

Our proprietary class Babes & Barbells offers a perfect opportunity to empower and educate women by learning fundamental movements used both in and out of the gym in a small group setting with 4 other rad babes. Click on the link for more details!




Our rates vary depending on clients' goals, commitment timeframe and location of training. Per session cost range from $60 to $100 depending on the the duration of the session and package purchased. Please contact Peak Training to set up your complimentary assessment to determine your personal plan to success and the financial investment that will go with it. We strive to make personal training affordable and accessible to everyone so don't hesitate to contact us with questions. 


Meadow Park Rates

Prices listed are for 1 hour sessions; 1.5 hour sessions available for an additional cost

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Additional Training Options

Peak Training also offers outdoor training sessions in addition to a Personal Training package. This gives clients an opportunity to get outside to explore a new hiking trail, run some sprints in the park or simply enjoy your workout in sunshine. Often clients choose to complete 1 to 2 sessions per week in the gym followed by an additional day for an outdoor session.

In-home training is a great option for those who are short of time or unable to get themselves to the gym. Let training come to you! If you have a home gym or equipment but find it hard to get motivated yourself, this is a great option.

Equipment is not currently provided by Peak Training so please have your own or purchase some prior to commencing sessions. Dumbbells or hand weights ranging from 5 to 25 lbs will be sufficient. Foam rollers, fitness bands and other mobility tools will be provided if required.


Prices listed are for 1 hour sessions; 1.5 hour sessions available for an additional cost

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Package Add-Ons

In addition to a personal training package, Peak Training offers individualized nutritional counselling for those who want to learn how a proper diet can complement their training regime. We're not about meal plans here - We want to learn lifelong habits that will change the way you eat to fuel your body.

Individualized program design is also an option following the completion of a personal training package of at least 10 sessions. This ensures that your technique is sound and that your new program will be designed specifically for your strengths, weaknesses and any limitations you may have. 

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