I have been working out with Meaghan for 2 months now and it has been the most substantial part of my recovery. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! 2 months ago, getting the green light to weight-bear after breaking my leg, I hobbled into the gym barely able to walk with a cane and met Meaghan. Having a very miniscule background in “gyming” I had no idea what I was embarking on, however from the very beginning she made it both comfortable and exhilarating. She created routines of stretches and exercises tailored to getting the muscle back in my leg and made me accountable for doing these routines between our sessions. When my leg was either sore or already worked out, Meaghan would have me focus on other weak areas essentially improving my whole body.  She dove into my diet, explaining foods and meals that improve muscle growth and regeneration while not digging into me for my habitual over consumption of frothy beverages. The most important thing was every time we worked out I had fun, she’s engaging, intelligent and overall became friend, plus she’s extremely easy on the eyes! I would have never accomplished this quick of a recovery without Meaghan’s help and I am forever grateful for it. As soon as I am back in town I will be seeing her every week I can. I highly recommend Meaghan to anyone recovering from an injury or just looking to improve his or her overall fitness. 



A wonderful person, serious professional, and a kick-ass trainer! For over a year now Meaghan has kept me motivated to reach goals, and given me confidence in and out of the gym.  My overall health and lifestyle have improved significantly as well from frequent late nights out, to earlier morning workouts and healthier eating habits. 

In the past I was timid of the weight room, unsure of what I was doing, so would go straight to the treadmill in the cardio room. With Meaghan's help I was able to get a PR deadlift at 150lbs which I would have never thought possible! She knows my strengths and weaknesses better than I do, and with her continued guidence I can't wait to see where our training takes us next!



Meaghan is knowledgable and motivating. Sessions with her are challenging, fun, and responsive to my fitness and skiing goals. She's also done a brilliant job of tailoring my workouts to support me through shoulder surgery. Meaghan may be wee, but she's ridiculously strong; she inspires me to show up and to lift up very heavy things.



Simply put, I wanted to be comfortable being in a gym but didn't know what I was doing. I always wanted to be able to walk into a weight room without hesitation and have the knowledge of what exercises I was going to do. It was really the only thing stopping me from getting in there and achieving my goals.

Meaghan has not only given me the right tools to get to where I want to be, she's given me the confidence I've been missing to get there. It's even affected my time on the hill with things I had just accepted as "the way it's always been for me". I know I'm not the only woman who feels this way about gyms and I would highly recommend Meaghan and Peak Training to anyone who's looking to stop letting fear of the unknown win over achieving goals.


borgi rayen

Since training with Meaghan, I have gained not only strength, endurance and knowledge of the human body, I also gained some confidence in the gym. Meaghan is a fun, passionate and knowledgeable trainer. Working out can be FUN!